Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Next Chip Project

My next chip project will be ambient down tempo pop. I've recorded demos of about seven songs and am maybe going to get some female vocals on them as well as my vocals. Im excited about it!

I'm using gameboys and a Korg Monotron which applies MS-20 like filters to one of the Gameboys.
Here's a picture of me writing music by the (gas) fire:

I will hopefully also use a floor tom for extra fun.
I would post a link to some of the music but it's not done yet but check back for more information. In the mean time see the previous post for my instrumental chip music.


  1. I still have that gameboy too :)

  2. How should I follow you with no follow button at the top of the page? Check out my blog.

  3. neat blog mmmm

  4. i really want to hear how it sounds

  5. Hey, great blog you have. Followed, MC-hammer status!