Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Noo Zulund Music Month

It's New Zealand Music Month!

A lot of New Zealand musicians say New Zealand music is shit but I don't think they realise that music in every country is shit.
Music in every country is also good sometimes though!
Here are some recent releases by New Zealand bands that I really enjoy and are

The Fever Fold by Red Steers

Glass EP by Glass Vaults

The Eversons E.P. by The Eversons

This e.p below is from Australia but I love it and you may have missed out on it by not being subscribed to the best music blog in New Zealand.


New Zealand musicians also whine about the fact that all the music grants go to shitty bands. OH WAIT YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY THAT GIVES OUT MONEY TO PLAY MUSIC?

Life is pretty hard.

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